Organic Austrian Pumpkin Seed Oil

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3.4 oz/100 mlExtra Virgin

Organic Austrian Pumpkin Seeds

We are committed to build up a local seed infrastructure. Test fields and finding farmers for it takes time though. Also the harvest is unpredictable and the harvesting equipment very expensive. Thus we have organic Austrian oil seeds as a back up. Hopefully not much longer and all of our oils are local and organic.

The most famous of all Austrian cold pressed oils. The Styrian pumpkin evolved from a natural mutation.

Back in the industrial revolution, oil seeds where mainly grown for machine oils.

Somehow some of the pumpkin seeds did not have a shell. - A natural mutation had occured which meant one work step less. The Styrians bred the seeds for shelllessness and oil content. A new variety was born.

  • Nutty, deep green, typical Styrian pumpkin taste.
  • Excellent on a mixed salad, in scrambled eggs, a dip/bread spread, on “Tafespitz” (beef), or on vanilla ice cream.