Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil

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Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Fingerlakes, NY

A regional Austrian specialty, now local to NY! The most famous of all Austrian cold pressed oils. The Styrian pumpkin evolved from a natural mutation.

Back in the industrial revolution, oil seeds where mainly grown for machine oils.

Somehow some of the pumpkin seeds did not have a shell. - A natural mutation had occured which meant one work step less. The Styrians bred the seeds for shelllessness and oil content. A new variety was born.

  • Nutty, deep green, typical Styrian pumpkin taste.
  • Excellent on a mixed salad, in scrambled eggs, a dip/bread spread, on “Tafespitz” (beef), squash soup, risottos and even on vanilla ice cream.

It’s that time of year, when the fields of the farms across NY State are covered with pumpkins.  Used mostly these days for Halloween decorations, few know that some pumpkins can produce a wonderfully nutty oil. Pumpkins are native to the United States, Columbus did bring it back to the old world along with tomatoes, tobacco, potatoes, corn, cacao and many more.

 Now a version of this is available in the U.S. for the first time, bottled right here in LIC.  Ulli’s, Austrian style Pumpkin Seed oil is stamp-pressed in the Austrian tradition, using NY Finger Lakes grown organic pumpkins. It is the only local organically grown Pumpkin seed oil in the USA.  Only by stamp-pressing (versus expeller pressing bio-diesel background, frictional heat!) with a hydraulic stamp press can you get the specific taste of the famous “Austrian style pumpkin seed oil”, a thick, balsamic like oil with a nutty and fine roasted aroma.