Ulli's Summer Fruit Cake Recipe

summer fruit cake recipe

Austrian summer fruit cake. A family Recipe ;) You can make it with any stone fruits such as apricots or plums!


- 3 eggs

- 70g sugar

- 175g powder sugar

- 175g Butter

- 175 g flour (I added 100g flour, 75 g pumpkin protein)



1) preheat oven to 356F

2) separate eggs

3) beat egg whites with 70g sugar

4) beat egg yolks with softened butter cut in pieces and powder sugar

5) add small amounts of beaten egg whites and flour/pumpkin protein mix with the beaten egg yolk mixture batter

6) pour batter into baking form (brush melted butter to grease form), then add flour, turn baking form over to empty out any excess flour (detailed for all the non bakers ;)

7) cut any stone fruit you want to use in half and put them facing the open side up into the cake

8) bake 30 to 40 minutes at 356 F