Ulli’s Mission

Build a local oilseed culture that is sustainable, healthy, trustworthy, and attainable within our fast-paced lives.

Grow. Get. Give.


Ulli’s products are produced with zero waste in an endless, circular, renewable cycle.

Grow. Get. Give


Ulli’s Oil Mill works directly with local farmers to ensure sustainable cultivation methods that yield the highest quality seeds.


Ulli’s oils are made in the Austrian stamp-pressed tradition (cold-pressed) for both food and skincare. The leftover press cakes are also stone-milled into natural protein powders.


The seeds of the best plants are saved for next year’s planting. By enjoying Ulli’s products, you are directly giving back to the growth and sustainability of our very own local oilseed culture in the U.S.

Made from the finest,
freshest ingredients.

You like knowing where your food comes from, and so do we. True to Ulli’s Austrian roots, we ensure the highest quality in all Ulli’s Oil Mill products. This means using only organic, fresh ingredients and a small-batch production process.

  • Unfiltered, unrefined, unbleached
  • No added flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Not deodorized
  • Non-GMO
Organic Hemp Oil
Organic Hemp Oil

Building a strong future for families to come.

Through working directly with eco-forward, New York family farms, Ulli’s Oil Mill is supporting both the local environment and economy.

  • Sustainable farming practices
  • Fair treatment of farmers
  • Zero-waste production
  • Giving back to local initiatives

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